Lisson Grove, Hawthorn

When we realised that we were being asked to contribute to such a fantastic event, we were very eager to help however we could. Our home is very special to us, and we were quite flattered to think that people would be so interested in it. We are very pleased to have been able to help in this way.

Stevenson Street, Kew

My husband and I could not be more impressed with this event. We are quite proud of our house and were only too pleased when we realised it could be a part of a worthy cause. Your team were extremely helpful, and made sure that there was nothing for us to worry about. All the very best to your cause for future years, and good luck with your plans for the funds raised for St Josephs.

Cole Street, East Hawthorn

Having recently completed our build, we were quite receptive to the idea of exhibiting our home for a good cause. Once we understood how much this meant to St Josephs, and what a fantastic institution Open Houses is, we felt it only right to take the next step, and support your cause in the best way we could. We are quite certain that our architect agrees with our decision!

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